March 21 2017

From Riley Adams Keeps it Together 

Back up secured, Riley, AJ, and Artemis turned back to the dragon. The dragon has lost interest in the traffic light and had curled up like a cat in the middle of the intersection. Riley squinted at it. “Is it…asleep?” 

March 12 2017

From Riley Adams Keeps it Together 

“And I can call Darcy and Cervantez,” Artemis said helpfully. “They’d be handy if we need to contain the dragon.”

“If by contain the dragon you mean blow up the dragon than yeah, those two would be useful,” AJ commented. 

Riley let herself laugh at that, imagining her short, fireball FBI pal Mattie Cervantez staring down the dragon with her tall, stoic girlfriend, time traveling government agent from another dimension Darcy Thatcher, backing her up. Probably with explosives. 

March 6 2017

From Riley Adams Keeps it Together 

Riley rolled her eyes. “Your powers of observation astound me.” 

“I’m a journalist. It’s my job to be observant,” AJ shot back. She jerked a thumb at the dragon. “Speaking of doing our jobs, what are you doing about this guy?” 

March 1 2017

From Riley Adams Keeps it Together 

Riley and Artemis stared up at the dragon, both mentally sorting through options, when a cheerful voice behind them said, “Well I’ll be. An actual dragon. That’s a new one even for this crazy town.” 

They both recognized the voice immediately. It belonged to Riley’s longtime best friend and Artemis’s more recent girlfriend, AJ Mitchell. She made her way to Artemis’s side and gave them an easy smile, apparently unfazed by the dragon. “Hey Riles, Marty. What’s new?” 

February 27 2017

From Riley Adams Keeps it Together 

They watched the dragon together for awhile until Riley said, “Well, any ideas?”

    “You don’t happen to have a magic sword laying around do you?”

    “No, sorry. I lost my magic sword back when I fought Chaos.”

    “Fair enough.” Artemis pulled her laser rifle around and regarded it for a moment. “I can try this but I’m not sure it’ll do much. Might just make it angry.”

    Riley considered this. “Better not risk it. The last thing I need is an angry dragon running around downtown. A calm dragon is bad enough.”

February 23 2017

From Riley Adams Keeps it Together 

 “You think I would joke about something like this?” Riley replied as they both looked up at the giant reptile currently blocking traffic.

    Artemis shook her head. “No, but I mean, come on. A dragon is a little out there, even for H City. I didn’t think they were real.”

    Riley raised her eyebrows at that. “You never seen one in any dimension you’ve been to?”

    “No, this is a new one even for me.”

         “What?! You mean I finally stumped the great interdimensional adventurer Artemis Bly?”

          Artemis shrugged with grin. “Nobody’s perfect.” 

    “There goes my hope that you’d have some insight into this situation,” Riley said. “Oh well, I guess we’re figuring this out together.”