In case anyone wants some context to the things I’m writing, here’s the main projects I’ve got going on:

I’ve been writing in this world on and off for about ten years now and while it started as story about a paranormal investigator going out and fighting monsters every day it’s sort of morphed into something much bigger. The stories are set in H City, a city unnaturally prone to the supernatural and it’s up to Riley Adams to keep the city from destroying itself. She, along with a growing cast of friends and allies, tackle everything from zombies and witches to werewolves and vampires to time travel and mad scientists. The series stars Riley Adams, a former FBI agent who moved to H City for a challenge and over the years became the city’s first and last line of defense. Riley is tough, with a shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude and a sometimes overwhelming fear of losing the people close to her. The rest of the main cast includes:
-Alice “AJ” Mitchell, a quick witted journalist and Riley’s best friend. Usually laid back and goofy but can be surprisinly insightful.
-Logan Wallis, a sergeant in the H City police and Riley’s love interest
-Ritsuko Yagami, owner of the local vampire bar who starts as Riley’s informant but turns into a close friend. Also deadly with a katana and dating a werewolf.
-Jane Ashmore, Riley’s secretary who handles the paperwork while Riley handles the monsters.
-Artemis Bly, an interdimensional adventurer and time traveler who turns up in H City and decides to stay and join the team after she sees how interesting it is. Also becomes AJ’s love interest.
Betty Harker, Riley’s seventeen year old intern, a perky cheerleader from Iowa with a talent for tracking vampires.
I love writing in this world because literally just about anything can happen and after ten years I know these characters really well so it’s always fun to throw new situations at them. I like to challenge myself to find new ways to annoy Riley.
This project started one year during NaNoWriMo when I didn’t know what to write so I just threw some of my favorite things together (steampunk, airships, werewolves, heists) and started writing. The first story I ended up with was set in an alternate steampunk 1922 and starred Maggie Hannigan, a werewolf who was spy during WWI and was busy running a speakeasy and a airship tour business when she was approached to steal some works of art that contained weapons plans. She declines until she finds out her old war rival, a German officer, is after the plans. This sets her off on an madcap adventure (in a one of a kind airship, the Bad Moon) around the world to steal the plans before they fall into the wrong hands. I I liked the world and characters so much after writing that first story I decided to expand it. It’s just so darn fun to write alternate history steampunk airship adventures. The main cast includes:
-Maggie Hanngian, a werewolf who was a spy during WWI and now runs a speakeasy. A little on the gruff side but doggedly (pun intended) loyal and protective once she cares about someone. Also has a affinity for punching people.
-Edith “Ace” Evans, Maggie’s best friend, the best pilot around and a top notch mechanic, Ace is brilliant with anything that flies but sometimes has a hard time relating to people. She doesn’t let it get her down, though, and tends to be happy-go-lucky.
-Jake Briggs, Maggie’s sometimes boyfriend, a laid back former GI who usually turns up just in time to be part of the action
Darlene “Skip” Harvey, an airship captain who teams up with the crew to fight a band of pirates and whose charm quickly has Ace falling head over heels.
Dorothy Wright, a Kansas farm girl who moved to California on her own and was quckily hired by Maggie. Started out as stewardess and after proving herself she becomes apart of the Bad Moon’s crew
-Takako Takenouchi, a transplant from Japan, Takako moved to California after meeting Maggie in Tokyo, became part of the core crew and turned out to be quite the gunner.
I started this project for NaNoWriMo 2014 with just the idea that if a city had an abundance of superheroes it must have a government agency to deal with all the collateral damage superhero battles cause. The city because Jettison City and the agency is the Department of Superhero Damage Assessment and Control. The underfunded department is headed by former superhero Jack Hammer (his real name, he swears!) but really only consists of our heroine Will Carson and her intern Buddy. Will get sucked into a conspiracy to take over the city and has to use her lack of any sort of superpowers to save the day.
The cast:
-Wilhemina “Will” Carson,  officially the deputy director of the Department of Superhero Damage and unofficially the one who really runs things. Will is confident, charming and friendly but also a bit on the clumsy side, especially when a certain girl is around. She doesn’t have superpowers but won’t hesitate to run into danger when the people she cares about are in trouble.
-Buddy Andrews Will’s intern (only because she can’t think of a better title for him), a real all-American small town boy who moved to the big city for a change of pace. He’s thoughtful, sweet, genuine, and the best friend and sidekick Will could ever ask for. They share a love of baseball, good food, and 80’s pop music.
-Abby Miller/The Artful Dodger A waitress at Will’s favorite breakfast spot and the object of her longtime crush. Abby is a grad student by day but, thanks to her super speed, moonlights at the mysterious superhero The Artful Dodger. She’s crazy about Will and is amazed to find out the feelings are mutual.
-Molly the Wonder Dog  A super smart, genetically enhanced dog that Will (with the help of Abby) rescues from an abusive con man and instantly becomes Will’s partner for life. Molly can’t talk but finds way to communicate and is essential in helping Will save the city.
-Jack Hammer Will and Buddy’s boss, a retired superhero who Will says is only good for photo ops and golf with the mayor but comes through when Will and Buddy need him
Councilwoman Cynthia Standish A member of the city council who hates Will and will do everything in her power to get rid of her.