August 11 2017

From Riley Adams Hits the Road

AJ looked at Riley expectedly and Riley knew she must be desperate. AJ had been her best friend for nearly fifteen years and knew better than anyone that Riley was about as useful as a pet rock when it came to dealing with emotions. She thought for a moment and finally said, “Maybe you're overthinking. Maybe you don't have to explain Artemis. Just throw some normal clothes on her and let that big smile and charm of hers do the rest. You know people can't help but like her.”

It was true. Riley had never seen Artemis’s natural charm fail. There was just something about her that made people like her. It had even worked on Riley who wanted so badly to be annoyed with her when they first met.

AJ knew she was right. “That’s true. She is pretty likeable.” AJ’s lopsided grin had returned but only for a moment. “Now all I have to worry about is the whole gay thing. Dad’s side of the family is going to have a field day.”

Riley knew that while AJ’s mom came from San Francisco hippies and her dad was open minded and accepting of his daughter, his family of Bible Belt conservatives wasn't likely to be. She shrugged. "Hey, at least you don't have your whole family constantly hounding you about giving up a respectable career and a good husband to be a ghostbuster.”

AJ laughed. “Still? After all these years and everything you've done?”

“Yeah, but I don't let what anyone thinks get to me. And you shouldn't either. If anyone makes as much as one slightly homophobic remark, I'll clock them.”

“Riley Adams, that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me,” AJ said with a big grin.

“Don't mention it.”

“Of course any gesture of love from you comes with a side of punching something.”

It was Riley’s turn to grin. “You know how much I love punching idiots.”

“If you punch enough homophobic idiots maybe they'll make you the grand marshal in the H City Pride parade next year.”

Riley had to laugh at that. “I think the city council would actually physically implode if anyone put me in a parade around here.”


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