August 10 2017

From Riley Adams Hits the Road

AJ deposited herself into one of the chairs across the desk from Riley and pulled an envelope out of her messenger bag. “Here's something to distract you. I just got the invite for Dave’s wedding. Well, it's more for you than me since I'm in the thing.”

Riley gave her a puzzled looked. “Me? Your brother wants me to come to the wedding?”

“Sure! You know my family loves you. Plus Dave had a blast when he was staying with me and he wants everyone to come. You, Ritsuko, Jane, Betty, everyone. You can even bring Logan and Ritsuko can bring Kyle.”

“And you’re bringing Artemis, right?”

AJ’s face fell slightly at the sound of her girlfriend’s name which confused Riley. AJ and Artemis had the happiest, healthiest relationship she’d ever seen. You could tell they truly loved each other and even though Riley didn't believe in fate or destiny, she always thought that if two people were meant to be together it was AJ and Artemis. AJ usually had a big grin on her face when she talked about Artemis so it threw Riley off to see her look dismayed.

“Yeah, Artemis…"

“You don't sound happy. Did something happens between you two?”

AJ shook her head. “No, things are amazing with us. Never better. It's just…this is the first time I'm taking a girl home and that girl happens to be Artemis. The girl part I'm less worried about. But Artemis…how do I explain Artemis?”

Riley could see AJ’s problem. Artemis Bly was many things: a loyal friend, cheerfully optimistic in the face of danger, a brilliant engineer, a crack shot with a laser rifle…and also a time traveler and interdimensional adventurer who wound up in H City while chasing a demon and decided to stay. Even if she wouldn't admit it, Riley knew her best friend was nervous about bringing a girl to family event for the first time since coming out a couple of years ago. Having to explain Artemis on top of that was going to be a bit tricky.


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