August 1 2017

Hey there sports fans! Or fans of crazy writing projects? Either way, looks who's back! I've been neglecting this project for long enough. It's time to get back at it. I've been working hard at the gym the last couple of months and while that's been amazing I realize I need to get my creative muscles back in shape too. I put in the work at the gym every day and I should be doing that with my writing too. The best way I know how to do that is with this blog so here we go again!

From Riley Adams Hits the Road

Riley Adams was tired. Not just in a been-up-for-24-hours-and-and-every-muscle-aches kind of way but also in a busted-the-same-vampire-gang-three-times-this-week-and-this-crap-is-getting-old kind of way. Keeping H City from destroying itself day in and day out was a tiring, often thankless job and bound to wear down even someone as tough and tenacious as Riley Adams. In short, Riley was burnt out and ready, for the first time in years, for a vacation. Luckily one was about to come her way.


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