February 20 2017

From Artemis Bly Saves History

Darcy threw a final punch to take out the last guard and AJ peered out the door. “Coast is clear!” She turned back around. “What’s the plan here? Sneak back or run for it?”

Darcy and Artemis looked at each other. One look at Darcy’s grin and Artemis knew what she was thinking. “Run for it,” Artemis said.

Mattie laughed. “Never a dull moment with you guys.”

Artemis looked out the door and plotted a course for the gate. “Here goes nothing!” She took off at a sprint with Dary at her heels and AJ and Mattie following close behind.

As she ran, Artemis was expecting to be persued at any second but apparently no one had heard their ruckus in the radio room. They made it out the gate where the guard was still knocked out and into the grove of trees without incident.

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