February 8 2017

From Artemis Bly Saves History

Artemis used her screwdriver to pull the front panel off the radio. She took a deep breath. She only had one shot at installing her MacGuyvered relay. Mattie and Darcy were doing a bang up job taking out every soldier who came their way but she knew reinforcements would be on the way. One shot and she had to work fast.

The brief falter in her confidence must have shown on her face because she heard AJ’s voice from somewhere to her left call, “You can do it, Marty!”

Artemis grinned. Of course that worked. “Thanks!” She called back, picking up her Swiss Army knife again.

“Anytime!” AJ replied, still holding her post at the door. “I love you!”

“Love you too, dork!”

Artemis blocked out everything around her and went to work. She could do this. It was just another engineering problem to solve. Nothing to it.

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