January 20 2017

From Riley Adams Doubles Down

As she drove toward the cemetery Riley could tell something was off with Mattie. She had become quiet, with a look of fierce determination on her face.

“Everything okay, Cervantez?” Riley asked.

“Maybe. Depends on what Howell’s been doing.”

“You don’t think he’s dirty, do you?”

Mattie shrugged. “I don’t know what to think at this point. I want to think he’s clean but right now it’s not looking so good.”

“For your sake I hope he’s clean. I know what’s it’s like to have your partner betray you and it sucks. I wouldn’t want you to go through that.”

Mattie managed a small smile. “Thanks, Adams.”

“Besides,” Riley added, parking the car, “if  he did double cross you I’ll have to kick his ass and that’s more work than I really want to do today.”

Mattie rolled her eyes. “You’re such a pal.”





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