January 17 2017

From Riley Adams Doubles Down

Riley’s phone buzzed in her pocket and she pulled it out to see that AJ was calling her. She answered with a “Hey.”

“Hey,” AJ’s voice replied. “Is Mattie with you?”

“Yeah, we’ve been looking for leads on Novak all afternoon.”

“Right. Does she happen to know where her partner is?”

Riley looked over at Mattie. “Heard anything from Howell?”

Mattie shook her head. “Not since we left your office.”

“No,” Riley said into the phone. “He took off on his own.”

“Well, then you should probably know he’s currently meeting with Novak’s right-hand man down here at Bradwood. And from the look of it it seems like they’re pretty friendly.”

Riley couldn’t imagine Howell ever looking friendly but she pushed the thought out of head to focus on more important matters. “Wait, what are you doing at the cemetary?”

“Got a tip from a source about some vampire business deals going down. Turns out it was Novak’s gang. Reg was too scared to come so I decided to check it out for myself,” AJ added, referring to her lead reporter at the paper.

“How does Howell fit into this?” Riley asked.

“Not sure,” AJ said. “I’m not close enough to hear them. I didn’t want Howell to spot me.” There was a pause then AJ continued. “Something big is definitely going on, Riley. You two better get down here.”

“On our way.”


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