January 10 2017

I’ve been sick the last few days so I didn’t do much but sleep and try not to die. Now I’m just about better so let’s get back to the writing. 

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Wells hit the button and the orange grove disappeared and a split second later, they all reappeared in Riley’s office. Riley breathed a huge sigh of relief. She’d never been so happy to see her shabby old office in her life.

“It’s good to be home,” Artemis said with a smile.

“Sure is,” Riley said, returning the smile.

Jane wandered in from the other room looking nonplussed. “Oh, you’re back.” She spotted Artemis. “And I see the mission was a success.”

“Hey, Jane-o,” Artemis said.

Jane rolled her eyes but said, “Good to have you back.”

Riley put a hand on Artemis’s shoulder. “Yup, and now we have some important business to take care of.” She looked over at Wells. “I’m assuming you can find your way out?”

“Oh yes.” He held out a hand and Riley shook it. “Can’t say it was a pleasure, Adams, but it was interesting as always. Hopefully we never have to see each other again.”

“Here’s hoping.”

Wells went about packing up the time machine and Riley lead Artemis out of the office. “Let’s go find AJ.”

Fifteen minutes later, Riley was opening the door to AJ’s office in the H City Times newsroom. She found AJ leaning back in her chair with her feet up on her desk, staring up at the ceiling. She looked over when Riley opened the door. “Riley!” She said, looking surprised and pulling her feet off the desk. “You’re back! Did you…” She let her question trial off.

Riley didn’t say anything. She just smiled and stepped aside, revealing Artemis standing behind her.

AJ’s face broke into the biggest smile Riley had ever seen. “Marty!” She exclaimed, jumping out of her chair and bounding over to pull Artemis into a tight hug. Artemis hugged her back, an equally big smile on her face.

When they finally let each other go, AJ said quietly, “I was so scared you weren’t coming back.”

“Me too,” Artemis said. “I was terrified I was never going to see you again.”

AJ looked up at her. “Yeah?”

Artemis reached out and took her hands. “Yeah. And now I have just one question for you..”

AJ gave her a quizzical look. “What’s that?”

“Can I kiss you?”

AJ smiled. “Only if I can kiss you back.”

Artemis smiled back. “Deal.”

“Merciful Zeus, would you two just kiss already?” Riley called from where she was leaning against the wall.

“You heard the woman,” AJ said.

Artemis laughed as pulled AJ close and kissed her.

“Finally!” Riley commented, thinking she’d never seen her best friend look so happy in all the years she’d known her. 

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