NaNoWriMo Day 20

Artemis Bly Saves History

Nov 20 word count: 27,012

Artemis returned from paying the bill and noticed Mattie was missing from the table. “Where’s Mattie?” she asked.

AJ pointed over to the counter. “Having the time of her life apparently.”

Artemis followed AJ’s gaze and saw Mattie still sitting next to the woman at the counter. Now she was leaning closer to her, a big smile on her face, as the woman laughed at something she’d said. Mattie tilted her head and said something else and the girl smiled a shy smile.

“You gotta hand it to her, she is good,” Artemis said, turning back to AJ and Darcy.

“She should teach a class,” AJ said. “If I wasn’t happily taken, I’d sign up.”

“I thought she was a professional,” Darcy said with a huff.

“She is. A professional flirt,” AJ joked.

Darcy was about to reply when Mattie returned to the table and dropped back into the chair next to Artemis. She looked pleased with herself.

“Well?” Darcy asked.

Mattie held up a scrap of paper with a note scribbled on it. “I got a date.”

“And here I was thinking you were doing something useful,” Darcy said.

“AND,” Mattie continued. “I got some info. Seems like some a group of men turned up in town yesterday and have put everyone on edge. They’ve been asking questions, hanging around outside the Naval Air Base, and looking shady. All of them are wearing the same suit and like to spend their evenings at the less reputable bar town.”

Darcy actually looked impressed. “You got all that from one conversation with that woman?”

“Her name is Jo and, yeah, I did get all of that from one conversation. I told you I was good,” she added with a wink in Darcy’s direction.

That seemed to throw Darcy for a moment but something else stuck out to Artemis. “Wait, you said the less reputable bar in town. Does that mean there’s more than one?”

Mattie nodded. “Apparently there’s two. The good one is the York Tavern, where I’ll be meeting Jo tomorrow night.”

“Sounds like my kind of place,” Artemis remarked, thinking of her hometown.

Mattie nodded and continued, “And the other one is called the Olive Pit.”

AJ made a face at that. “Well, that sounds inviting.”

“Right?” Mattie laughed. “Anyway, that’s where those shady dudes have been spotted in the evenings. Seems like something we should check out.”

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