NaNoWriMo Day 18

Artemis Bly Saves History

Nov 18 word count: 24,000

“Got it. Arrow tattoo, shifty eyes. They might try to blend in but I’ll find them.”

Darcy raised her eyebrows. “Oh really? You’re that good?”

Mattie gave her a cocky grin “If I can pick out a couple of mobsters in Vegas bar full of civilians, I’m pretty sure I can find these guys.”

Darcy considered this for a moment and then, with an equally cocky grin, said “Want to bet on it? First one to make one of the Knights wins?”

“Hell yeah,” Mattie said. She nudged Artemis who was sitting next to her. “I like your friend, Art. She’s my kind of gal.” Then she turned her attention back to Darcy. “Loser buys the winner a round of drinks?”

Darcy held out a hand across the table. Mattie shook it. “You’re on, Cervantez.”

Artemis, who had been watching the back and forth between the two women, noticed Mattie’s expression change. It went from cocky and challenging to a softer friendly teasing. “I look forward to you buying me that drink, Thatcher.”

Artemis hadn’t know Mattie very long but she was pretty sure Mattie was flirting with Darcy at this point, especially if the grin she was now wearing was any indication. Darcy was, of course, oblivious. “We’ll see.”

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