NaNoWriMo Day 17

Artemis Bly Saves History

Nov 17 word count: 22,000

Artemis turned to Darcy. “Darcy, this is my friend, Agent Mattie Cervantez. Mattie, this is Agent Darcy Thatcher.”

Darcy and Mattie looked at one another, clearly sizing the other one up as they shook hands. Darcy towered over Mattie but Mattie, not one to be intimidated, held her gaze. “Agent?” Mattie asked.

“Time Overwatch Committee,” Darcy answered. “You?”


Darcy gave her a look of respect and then looked over at Artemis. “Another government agent. Not bad, Bly.”

“Now that all the avengers have assembled what do we do next?” AJ asked.

“Seen any of the Quantum Adventurers Society members recently?”

“Just Bo Hudson at that space station a month or so back. I was tracking a time pirate who’d jumped dimensions and Bo was…well, being Bo. I ran into him in a bar on the space station.”

“Of course. Probably with some girl, right?”

“Two of them actually,” Artemis said, laughing at the memory. “Neither of them were human.”

Darcy laughed. “He’s still there, isn’t he?”

“Far as I know. I haven’t been back to that particular dimension since but I wouldn’t be surprised,” Artemis said. “When we spotted each other in the bar, he invited me to join him. He said he’d find a girl for me too.”

“Oh did he now?”

“Oh yes. I politely turned him down and told him my girlfriend wouldn’t like that very much.”

“What did he say to that?”

“He just shrugged and said ‘Suit yourself’ before going back to entertaining his lady friends.”

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