NaNoWriMo Day 5

Artemis Bly Saves History

Nov 5 word count: 8,351

They made a good team, Artemis and Darcy, and they had managed to teach each other a few things along the way. Artemis, who had no real combat training, had learned how to hold her own in a fist fight and Darcy, who lacked Artemis’s natural charm, had learned some people skills. It was a good partnership and sometimes when she out on a mission alone, Artemis missed it. Despite being able to take care of herself, it was good to have some backup every once in awhile. Maybe, Artemis thought, AJ could be her new partner. AJ wasn’t a government agent like Darcy Thatcher but she did have plenty of experience dealing with the paranormal as Riley Adams’s sidekick. Artemis smiled at the thought. It would be nice to take her along since Artemis missed AJ like crazy when she was off jumping around time and space.  Hopefully, if this first mission went well, Artemis would be taking AJ along all the time.

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