October 18 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Riley glanced at the desk filled with Artemis’s gear. “Better pack up, Bly. It’s time to go home.”

Artemis’s smile faded for the briefest second as she repeated, “Home,” so quietly Riley could only make it out because she was standing right next to her. It was if she was contemplating the concept. A moment later, though, the smile was back and she said, “Right! let me just get out of this awful dress and into something much more time travel appropriate.” She opened the closet and Riley and Wells both turned their backs to give her some privacy. When Riley turned back around, Artemis was looking well, like Artemis again. At least, the Artemis Riley was used to.

Artemis finished rolling up the sleeves of her shirt past her elbows and slid her suspenders into place before sitting down on the bed and pulling on her scuffed boots. She picked up the worn canvas backpack she always carried on her jaunts through time. “Give me two minutes and I’ll be all aces.”

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