October 12 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Artemis opened the door and Riley and Wells followed her inside. The front door lead to a foyer. Straight ahead of them was a staircase and an office. To the left, Riley could see a dining room where a few women sat sipping tea and chatting. To the right was a common room or, as Riley supposed they called in in this era, a parlor. Before she could see what was going on in there, the doorway was filled with the imposing figure of a severe looking woman. She had gray hair pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her head, a crisp, perfectly pressed dress, and impeccably shiny boots. She gave them all a suspicious look and Riley suddenly felt she was back in elementary school, about to get scolded for starting fights on the playground.

The woman focused her gaze on Artemis. “Good afternoon, Miss Simpson. Who are guests?”

“This here is my cousin Connie and her husband Hank,” Artemis replied, her Minnesota accent still flawless.

“How do you do?” Riley held out a hand to the woman but she didn’t shake it. Her eyes flicked down at it and then back up to Artemis leaving Riley wondering if 30-year-old paranormal investigators could get detention.

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