October 5 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Ten minutes later, Riley and Wells had reached the train station which, in 1925 H City, as on the south edge of town.

“Knowing Artemis, she’ll probably be working as an engineer or a mechanic or something,” Riley told Wells as they made their way into the station. “I bet we’ll find her out back.”

As they walked through the station towards the platforms, Riley happened to glance towards the ticket counter and stopped dead in her tracks. The woman sitting behind the counter looked awfully familiar…

“Artemis?” Riley called. It had taken her a second to recognize her. Gone was her usual attire of scuffed boots, suspenders, newsboy caps and what Riley liked to call “park ranger shirts” and in their place, she wore a simple blue dress. It struck Riley as being much more out of place than if Artemis had been dressed normally. Or normally for Artemis, anyway.

Artemis snapped to attention and looked around, finally spotting Riley. She jumped out of her chair, a shocked expression on her face. “Riley?!” She vaulted the over the counter and bounded towards where Riley and Wells were standing in the middle of the station. When she reached them, she threw her arms around Riley in a big bear hug.

Riley, who was definitely not a hugger, endured the embrace and said, “Uh, hey, Artemis.”

When Artemis let go she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Considering I’m not one to take joyrides through time, we’re probably here to rescue you.”

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