October 2 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Riley and Wells made their way to the lunch counter and took seats. They caught one or two interested glances but for the most part, no one paid them any attention. It made Riley wonder if 1925 H City was just as used to strange things happening as the modern day version. She ordered a cup of coffee and as soon as it was in front of her, she took a grateful sip and smiled. Time travel was terrible, she thought, but at least they made a strong cup of coffee in 1925.

Riley’s moment of caffeinated bliss was ruined, however, when Wells said, “You know that stuff will kill you, right?” He took a swig of the orange juice he’d ordered.

Riley gave him a sidelong glance and took another long sip. “Considering everything else that tries to kill me on a daily basis, I think coffee is the least of my worries.”

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