October 1 2016

Here we go again! I’m back from vacation/hiatus and it’s a new month so let’s get back at it! 

From Riley Adams Stops Time

They stopped the street corner outside the department store and Wells looked around. “So how do we find your friend?”

Riley gazed down the street, trying to remember what Artemis’s journal had said. Unlike AJ who had read every word, Riley had only skimmed it. She swore she had read something about where Artemis was working but she couldn’t quite remember. She found herself wishing she had Jane’s photographic memory. “You’ll know her when you see her,” Riley replied, turning back to face Wells.

“That’s not exactly helpful,” he said.

Riley sighed. She held up a hand an inch or so above her head. “About this high, bobbed brown hair, probably doing something crazy. How’s that work for you?”

“It’s something,” Wells muttered.

Riley glanced inside the department store at the lunch counter. “Come on, Washington, I need a cup of coffee.” She strode towards the door with the hope that maybe the coffee would giver her the boost she needed to remember something useful from the journal. At the very least, she thought, it would give her the energy to deal with spending another couple of hours with Wells. 

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