August 22 2016

Quick interlude:

I’m going to be going on vacation for a couple of weeks and I won’t be bringing my laptop or have consistent access to the internet so I’m thinking before I go I’ll schedule some posts (maybe two a week) containing some of my favorite things I’ve written in the past. I think that’ll be fun and it’ll keep a bit of new content going on the blog. I’ll probably set it up to start next week.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Downtown H City in 1925 looked a lot different from its modern day counterpart. Gone were the big office buildings and parking structures, replaced with brick buildings and a streetcar. There was a huge department store that looked like it took up the whole block. Through the front window Riley could even see a lunch counter filled with men in suits and ladies in dresses.

Riley looked down at her own attire and realized she hadn’t exactly dressed for the occasion. Like most of her days on the job, she had on a black suit, white shirt and running shoes. It was a uniform she’d adopted in her FBI days and had served her well in her current role but not, she thought, at that exact moment.

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