August 21 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Wells looked like he wanted to ask more but then decided against it. He picked up the briefcase and stepped onto the platform. “Fine. What’s the date we’re headed to?”

Riley picked up a post-it note from her desk and read the date she’d scribbled on it. “July 18, 1925.”

Wells typed the date into the tablet and Riley stepped onto the platform with him. “Here we go.”

He hit a button and, for a second, the world disappeared.

When the world reappeared a split second later, Riley and Wells were standing on the platform in a field of orange trees. Wells looked around. “Did you know there would be oranges?”

“I had an idea,” Riley said. “Most of H City was orange groves until the started building the suburbs after World War Two.” She pointed south. “The actual town should be that way. That’s where we’ll find Artemis.”

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