August 15 2016

From Riley Adams Doubles Down

The next afternoon, Riley was at her desk sort through her emails when she heard the front door to the office open. She looked up to see Mattie striding in with Howell at her heels.

Riley grinned. “Hey Cervantez. Have a seat.”

Mattie dropped into one of the chairs on the opposite side of Riley’s desk but Howell chose to lurk in the corner. Riley gave Mattie a questioning look but Mattie just shrugged.

Mattie set a file folder on the desk and said, “This is everything we’ve got on Novak. What have you got?”

Riley pulled out her own file and flipped it open. “Unfortunately it looks like I might be back at square one after someone tipped him off. I’m hoping Ritsuko can find out his new location tonight.”

“Ritsuko? One of your friends from last night, right?”

“Yeah, she runs the local vampire bar so hears everything that goes on. That’s how I found out about Novak’s last location. Drunk vampires are not particularly great a keeping secrets.”

“Sounds like a solid system.” Mattie thought for a second. “The other question is, who tipped off Novak that someone was on to him? Did you tell anyone about it?”

Riley shook her head. “No, it was just me and Betty. You?”

“No, just me and Howell.”

Riley glanced over at Howell who just gave her his stoic stare in return.

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