August 13 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

“Alright, alright. I guess I do owe you one. What’s the favor?”

“I need to go back in time. A friend of mine is stuck in late 1920s and I kind of need to get her back.”

“How did she get there in the first place?”

Riley hesitated. She couldn’t tell Wells the truth, that Artemis was from another dimension and had technology that allowed her to jump through time by just tapping a button and that tech had apparently malfunctioned on her. The government would lock her up, interrogate her, and try to reverse engineer her tech. Riley wasn’t about to let that happen. She finally said, “Let’s just say there was a bit of an accident. I don’t intend on elaborating so don’t waste any time by asking any more questions.”

Wells could apparently hear the serious tone in Riley’s voice because he answered, “Okay, I guess that’s good enough for now. I think I’ve got something that’ll work. I’ve actually been meaning to give it another test drive so this’ll look legit.”

“As long as it gets me where I need to go I don’t care how it looks.”

“Yeah, but I still got a job I’d like to keep,” Wells retorted. “Anyway, I’ll catch the first flight out to California I can find. See you soon, Adams.”

“Yeah, see you, Wells.”


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