August 10 2016

From Riley Adams Doubles Down

She looked back at Riley. “For all that talk about AJ when we were at the academy, you never told me she was gay.”

“Didn’t know back then. It took her awhile to figure it out.” Riley grinned. “Not everyone’s as lucky as you. What did you tell me once, you knew you were bi at the age of five?”

Mattie returned the grin. “What can I say? I was chasing both the girls and the boys in kindergarten.”

Riley laughed. “Of course. Well, I was happy for AJ when she figured it out. And when she found Artemis. She’s such an amazing person, she really deserves to be  happy.” Mattie smiled and Riley added, “Of couse, if you tell her I said any of that, I’ll have to kill you.”

“Got it.” Mattie nodded in the direction AJ and Artemis had gone, event though they had disappeared by now. “What’s the deal with Artemis anyway? She seems great and I totally dig her but she’s not exactly normal.”

“Hey, look who’s talking!” Riley quipped.

“Fair enough. But really, where’d you pick that one up?”

“It’s kind of a crazy story, actually. About six months or so ago we…”

Riley was interrupted by a car horn, making them both jump. They turned and saw Howell leaning over the steering wheel of the black SUV looking annoyed.

Mattie rolled her eyes. “I guess it’s past his bedtime.”


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