August 7 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

That afternoon, AJ left work early and headed home to get ready for her date with Artemis. She reasoned that she hadn’t been much help anyway, not being able to concentrate on anything. Artemis had texted her that morning to tell her she’d be off investigating something most of the day but she was looking forward to spending the evening with AJ and that was all AJ had been able to think about all day.

At home, AJ took a shower and then tried to figure out what she should wear. She never really thought too long and hard about what she wore, opting for khakis and plaid button downs when she was at work, and jeans and t-shirts when she wasn’t. Even when she had gone on dates before she hadn’t put too much effort into her appearance but with Artemis…with Artemis it was different. Everything was different. Even though they’d know each other for a few months now, AJ still wanted to make a good impression on their first official date. She wanted to do this right.

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