August 4 2016

From Riley Adams Doubles Down

“Yeah, she’s…well, she’s really something else. She’s dating my best friend, AJ. Just wait until you meet them. You’ll love them.”

“You might have to wait longer than you think,” Ritsuko said with a grin. She jerked a thumb towards the front of the bar.

Riley and Mattie both followed her gaze towards the front window where they could easily spot AJ and Artemis sharing a long, slow kiss out on the sidewalk.

Mattie turned back to Riley. “I’m guessing that’s AJ and Artemis?”

Riley nodded. “Yup.” Then a mischievous grin spread across her face. “Watch this.”

She pulled out her phone, typed a text message that said, “STOP MAKING OUT AND GET IN HERE” and hit send.

Everyone watched as, a few seconds later, AJ pulled back from Artemis in order to pull her phone out of her pocket. She read the message and rolled her eyes before showing it to Artemis who laughed. They came inside and when they reached the table occupied by Riley and company AJ said, “You really know how to ruin a moment, Riles.”

“If I hadn’t you two would have been out there all night,” Riley shot back.

AJ looked over at Artemis who grinned a slipped an arm around AJ’s waist. “Fair enough,” AJ said.

Riley heard Mattie laugh next to her and remembered the reason they were there. “AJ, Artemis, I’d like you to meet my old friend, Mattie Cervantez. Mattie this is my best friend, AJ Mitchell and her girlfriend, Artemis Bly.”

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