August 3 2016

From Riley Adams Doubles Down

Just then, Mattie walked in trailed by a tall man with curly dark blond hair and an ill-fitting suit. He had weak features and looked as if he wanted to just melt into the background. Riley figured it must be Mattie’s partner.

Riley stood up and she and Mattie shared another hug. Betty leaned over to Ritsuko and Jane. “This is weird right? Like, have you guys ever seen her hug anyone before?”

“Not that I can remember,” Jane said.

“I don’t think I’ve even seen her hug Logan, and they’re sleeping together,” Ritsuko added.

“Good. I’m not crazy then.”

Riley turned to her friends and said, “Guys, this is Mattie Cervantez. She was my roommate the academy. Mattie this is Jane Ashmore and Ritsuko Yagami, and you already met Betty.”

Mattie exchanged handshakes with Jane and Ritsuko and then gestured towards the man. “This is my partner, Tristan Howell.”

“Just Howell,” he said in quiet, monotone voice.

“That guy’s going to be a load of fun,” Ritsuko whispered to Jane who quickly took a sip of her drink to hide her smile.

Mattie sat down next to Riley and Howell took a seat next to Betty.

“Now we’re just missing AJ and Artemis,” Riley said.

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