July 31 2016

Note: So I made it a month and I only missed 4 days in total (1 for my birthday party and three because I was in the wilderness with no internet). I think that’s a pretty good start to this project. It’s already getting me in the habit of writing every day which means it’s working so I think I’ll keep at it. 

From Riley Adams vs the Weather

This, Riley thought as they made their way through the snow, was the worst thing she’d ever had to deal with. She would happily fight a pack of werewolves, a legion of vampires, and a horde of zombies all at the same time rather than have to deal with the snow. Snow as cold and wet and she hated being cold and wet. The last time she had had to deal with snow as way back at Quantico and she’d vowed to do her best to avoid the miserable stuff once she graduated but the universe had a peculiar fascination with throwing Riley Adams directly into the things she hated. In this instance, that meant knee-deep in snow.

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