July 30 2016

From The Bad Moon Chronicles: Ace Evans Goes for Broke

Skip followed Ace off the bridge and down the hall until they got to the door that led out to the deck. Once outside, Ace leaned against the railing and looked out at the sky rolling past them. It was a perfect day for flying, with clear skies in all directions. Skip took up a place next to her close enough, Ace couldn’t help but notice, that their shoulders were touching.

They were both quiet for a few minutes. Ace fiddled with the coffee mug in her hands, trying to figure out what to say. Words had never exactly been her strong suit. Finally, she went with, “You seem pretty calm for someone who just lost their ship and was almost murdered by sky pirates.”

“Oh I might seem calm on the outside,” Skip replied. “But on the inside I’m terrified. The Wild Rover is my whole life and I’m scared to death I’ll never get it back.” She shrugged. “They way I see it, thought getting all emotional isn’t going to help matters so I might as well stay calm.”

“Makes sense.” Ace looked down at her coffee cup. “Still, I don’t think I could stay calm if anything ever happened to the Bad Moon.”

“I think you could,” Skip said.

Ace finally turned to look at her, meeting her eyes and finding that Skip’s easy smile had returned. “You do?”

“Sure. Seems to me you can do anything you set your mind to, Ace Evans.”

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