July 28 2016

From Riley Adams Loses Her Mind

Half an hour later, Riley, AJ, Artemis, and Ritsuko were seated around a booth in their favorite all night dinner. “So,” Ritsuko said after everyone else had filled her in on the night’s events, “if the printer wasn’t being controlled through a network, what are you thinking? Some kind of ghost or spirit?”

Riley shrugged. “Seems most likely. Vampires can only control actual living brains with real thoughts so they’re out.”

“Could be a demon,” Artemis offered. “I fought a demon once a couple of dimensions over who could control machinery. Got a nasty scar on my shoulder when it decided to become a sentient table saw.”

Riley looked impressed. “And I thought I had crazy war stories. Yeah, it could be a demon too. But a demon who needs my help?”

“At least it isn’t trying to kill you,” AJ said. “Well, not yet, at any rate.”

“True,” Riley agreed. “Athough I’ve never met a demon who wasn’t trying to kill me so I’m not entirely what to do in this situation.”

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