July 25 2106

From Riley Adams Loses Her Mind

AJ and Riley followed Artemis to the next room where she proceed to look at the printer from every angle. She pushed a few buttons, checked the cords on the back and even lifted it up to see if anything was underneath. Finally she concluded, “It doesn’t seem to be connected to any sort of network that I can see. It’s not hardwired to anything and the wi-fi connection isn’t set up. And even if it was, it’s too old for your office wi-fi.”

“So you’re saying that nothing is controlling my printer from a network?” Riley asked.

“Let me just check one more thing…” Artemis pulled up her left sweatshirt sleeve to reveal a leather cuff that took up most of her forearm and, Riley knew from experience, housed all sorts of crazy gizmos, most of which Riley didn’t understand but had come in handy since Artemis had joined the team.

Artemis tapped something and waited, watching the screen on her cuff. After a long moment she said, “I’m not picking up any other networks in the area. I thought maybe someone else had set someting up to hack into your printer but your wi-fi is the only active network around.”

“That means whatever’s controlling the printer isn’t doing digitally,” AJ said.

“Right,” Artemis confirmed.

“Of course,” Riley said. “Becuase this is H City where the simplest solution is never the answer.”


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