July 21 2016

Note: I’m taking off on a camping trip this weeked so this will be my last post until Monday. Don’t worry, I’ll be back at it next week! 

From Riley Adams Loses Her Mind

“I’m not crazy, alright,” Riley said.

“Well, that’s debateable,” AJ shot back. 

Riley  ignored the comment. “I was sitting here writing a report when all of a sudden the printer came to life and started printing stuff all on its own. And it didn’t just print something random, it printed a personalize message for me. Look.”

Riley pointed to the pages laid out on her desk and AJ and Artemis came over and studied them.

“Huh,” AJ said. “That is weird. Do you think your printer is in trouble? Maybe Jane’s been playing Taylor Swift when you’re not in the office again and it feels abused.”

Riley rolled her eyes. “No, I don’t think the printer itself is in trouble. Something’s controling it.”

Artemis nodded. “Obviously. Is your printer hooked up to a network?”


AJ turned to Artemis. “Riley doesn’t really do technology. Remember this is the woman who still had a flip phone up until last year.”

“Hey! It made calls, that’s all that mattered,” Riley protested.

“Right,” Artemis said. “Mind if I take a look at the printer?”

“By all means,” Riley said.


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