July 20 2016

From Riley Adams Loses Her Mind

“Riley, have you been drinking?”

“No!” Riley insisted. “But I wish I was. Look, would you guys just get over here and help me figure this out?”

“Yeah, yeah, okay. We’re on our way. But you’re buying us breakfast!”

AJ hung up and Riley was alone again in the quiet of the office. At least, she thought she was. She was just about to turn on her computer to see if she could find anything resembling her printer problem when she heard the printer come to life again in the next room.

Riley got up to investigate. By the time she reached the printer it had finished printing another page and she grabbed it. This one said, YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HELP.

“Well that’s not ominous at all,” Riley said. She took the new sheet back to her desk and set it with the others. She tried to piece together some kind of meaning. It was obvious someone or something was trying to communicate with her but who or what? And where were they? Or, more importantly, WHAT were they? Whoever it was knew her, that was for sure. It called her out by name. And, it seemed, they knew what she did. Maybe this unknown entity was in trouble? And if they were in the sort of trouble only Riley Adams could help with it probably wasn’t going to be an easy fix. Riley sighed. This night, it seemed, wasn’t going to end any time soon. 

As she was mourning all the sleep she was going to lose over this printer situation, Riley heard the front door to the office open and AJ’s voice calling, “New rule, Riles! From now on you can only call me at four in the morning if you’re actually dying or the apocalypse is about to happen.”

AJ appeared in the doorway, her short blond hair tousled, wearing jeans and a faded flannel shirt, one  hand laced through one of Artemis’s. Artemis, Riley noticed, had forgone her usual button down, suspenders, and duster for a pair of jeans and one of AJ’s old San Diego State sweatshirts. Artemis ran a hand through her bobbed brown hair, trying to smooth it as she stopped at AJ’s side. AJ noticed, and reached over to tuck a stray strand behind her ear before turning to Riley. “Now what’s this about your printer being possessed?”


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