July 19 2016

Note: I missed yesterday because I was busy having an early birthday celebration. Worth it. 

From Riley Adams Loses Her Mind

Riley took the pages back into her office and laid them on the desk. She glanced up at her bookcase full of old, thick books on a wide rage on occult and paranormal topics but she wasn’t sure any of them would have the answer to her printer quandary. She stared down at the pages for a few minutes, listening for to see if the printer would spring to life again and offer her an explanation but the office remained silent.

Finally Riley decided it was time to phone a friend. She dialed and after a several rings was greeted with a groggy, “Hello?” from her best friend, Alice “AJ” Mitchell.

“Hey, it’s me,” Riley said.

“Yeah, I know. No one else calls me in the middle of the night,” AJ said then her voice took on a worried tone. “Is something wrong? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Riley replied. “At least, I think so. I just need your help with something.”

Riley heard another voice in the background and then AJ saying, away from the phone, “It’s just Riley. She’s okay, apart from forgetting that reasonable people like to be asleep at four in the morning.”

The other voice chuckled and Riley said, “Tell Artemis I said hi.” AJ passed along the message and a thought struck Riley. “Actually, she might be able to help too.” AJ’s girlfriend, Artemis Bly, was, after all, an interdimensional adventurer who was almost as well versed in the paranormal as Riley.

“Help with what? Riley, what’s so going on?”

“I think my printer might be haunted.”

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