July 16 2016

From Riley Adams Loses Her Mind

It was well past three in the morning when Riley Adams stumbled into her office. She had spent most of the night breaking up a vampire bar brawl that had gotten way out of control and had required her very special skill set to contain. In the end, no humans had been injured, a few vampires had been roughed up (mostly by Riley), and the ringleaders were now safely sitting behind bars in the police station. A succesful, if not throughly exhausting, evening, Riley thought.

Riley dropped into her desk chair, relishing the luxury of sitting down after being on her feet all night. She was looking forward to collapsing into bed very, very, soon and sleeping until at least noon if not later but first she had some business to take care of. She pulled a legal pad out of her desk and started to write a detailed report on the night’s incident. Even though she didn’t report to anyone, Riley made it a point to write reports on all the major events she was involved in. Her years in the FBI had taught her how valuable a well-written report could be for reference later and her years in H City had taught her how valubale keeping close tabs on anything and everything paranormal could be for not being caught off guard. So she wrote reports. Well, she wrote a lot of notes on legal pads and then her secretary, Jane, deciphered them and turned them into reports that she could then file in her very meticulous filing system. Riley, with her severe lack of organizational skills, was forever grateful for Jane because Riley’s idea of filing was stacking files on the floor which, she had to admit, wasn’t the most efficient method when you needed to find information fast.

Riley stared at her pad of paper for a moment, trying to remember which side of the fight, exactly, had been made about what. The vampire gangs in H City were constantly having turf wars and even Riley, who kept close tabs on them, sometimes had a hard time keeping them straight. She was just about to make a note about Neil Slauson when she heard a sound from the vicinity of Jane’s currently unoccupied desk in the next room. It was the sound of the printer whirring to life despite all the computers in the office being turned off. The sound cut through the quiet of the night and startled Riley. Figuring it must be malfunctioning, she got up to investigate. Fixing electronics was far from her strong point but she figured she could at least unplug it until Jane got in in the morning. 

As it turned out, things were a little more complicated than that.

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