July 15 2016

From Riley Adams vs the Weather

Out on the street, the snow was even worse than it had seemed from Riley’s third floor office window. Riley buttoned up her blazer but it was little help against the cold. She gave an envious look at AJ’s peacoat and Artemis’s duster and thought longingly about her trench coat hanging in the hall closest of her apartment. She shook the thought from her head. Her apartment was on the opposite side of town from where they were going. Besides, with any luck, they’d have this fixed in no time and the weather would be back to normal.

“Man, it’s like Hoth out here,” AJ said, looking around. She looked at Riley expecting an eye roll but Riley wasn’t paying attention. Instead she was looking at the parking lot with dismay. No cars were visible, just a few car-shaped mounds of snow. She went over to the one that was vaguely shaped like her beloved 1969 Shelby Cobra and put a hand on top of it.

“My poor baby.” She tried to dig but it was no use. The snow was too thick and after a minute, Riley gave up, now colder than ever. She turned back to AJ and Artemis. “Well, guys, it looks like we’re walking.”

“Think of it this way,” AJ said as the headed down the street. “The walking will warm you up.” She saw Riley’s face. “And so will your anger.”

“You know what would have really kept me warm? The heater in my car. Oh yeah, and the sun that’s supposed to be out because it’s June in California!”

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