July 13 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Riley laughed. “You can thank me later. So when’s your first date?”

“Tomorrow night,” AJ said. “I’ve got it all planned out, too. Dinner at Chuck’s, then a round of mini golf and finally a couple of drinks at Hannigan’s.”

“Sounds perfect, AJ. That Artemis is one lucky gal.”

“Hey, you had plenty of time to get in on this action,” AJ said, gesturing to herself with both thumbs. “Now you’ll just have to settle for that square-jawed policed sergeant boyfriend of yours.”

Riley rolled her eyes. “How will I possibly survive?” She stood up, tucked her revolver into its holster on the back of her slacks, and shrugged on her blazer. “Are you heading to work? I can drop you by the paper on my way to Bradwood Cemetary.”

“Yeah, let’s go.” AJ followed Riley out of the office, offering Jane a farewell on the way. “What’s going down at the cemetery this time?”

“Got a report of Neil Slauson and his gang causing trouble again. Betty’s out there already doing some recon. We’re going to see what we can find out, maybe scare them a little.”

“Riley Adams: vampire scarer,” AJ quipped with a big grin as they reached the parking lot.

Riley unlocked her 1969 Shelby Cobra, shot AJ a glare and said, “You’re the worst.”

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