July 10 2016

Note: This scene turned out longer than I originally intended. It was one of those instances where the characters kind of took the scene and ran with it. Who am I to stop them? Besides, I really like writing AJ and Artemis together and getting to write AJ, who is usually so confident and quick witted, as nervous was a lot of fun. This might be my favorite thing I’ve written for this challenge so far.

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Artemis slung her laser rifle over her shoulder as she and AJ started off towards the park. They walked along in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, AJ still thinking about her earlier conversation with Riley. Then, as if she could read her mind, Artemis asked, “What did Riley mean about not trusting the two of us to stay focused?”

By now they were making their way towards the middle of the park. It was quiet and peaceful, the sounds of the city muffled by trees. AJ hoped it was dark enough that Artemis couldn’t see her blush. “She said we’d be too focused on each other and wouldn’t be able to watch out for werewolves. But she was just teasing me.,” AJ added quickly.

“Ah.” Artemis thought this over.

AJ hoped that Artemis wouldn’t ask a follow up question but luck was not on her side. “What make tonight any different? I mean, we did this same thing last month.”

AJ took a deep breath. “I sort of told her…well, I told her I’d finally worked up the courage to ask you out.”

AJ braced herself and looked over at Artemis, half expecting her to laugh in her face. Instead, she was met with Artemis’s ear to ear puppy dog smile. “You were going to ask me out?”

AJ smiled back, her heart practically doing backflips in her chest. The way Artemis was smiling at her was so adorable she almost forgot to answer. “Yeah, I was. I was going to suggest we get breakfast after werewolf patrol and then I was going to ask you out over pancakes. I know how much you love pancakes.” AJ tried to sound confident but ended up rushing the last sentence despite herself.

If Artemis noticed, it didn’t show. If anything, her smile got wider. “AJ, that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

AJ relaxed a little, deciding she must to be doing something right. “Really?”

“Absolutely.” In that moment, AJ couldn’t have stopped smiling even if she wanted to. “And I say yes,” Artemis added.

“Yes?” AJ asked, confused. She stopped walking and turned to look at Artemis, questioning.

“Unless you’ve changed your mind about asking me out…” Artemis offered her a teasing grin.

“Oh! No! No, definitely not!” AJ said quickly. “I mean, I definitely didn’t change my mind. I’m absolutely still asking. I still want to…” AJ stopped when she realized Artemis was laughing.

“I’m sorry. I swear I’m not laughing at you. It’s just I’ve never seen you flustered before,” Artemis said. “It’s kind of cute.”

AJ’s smiled returned. “In that case, maybe I should make it a point to be flustered more often.”

“Maybe save it for after the were done with the werewolf watch,” Artemis replied. “We wouldn’t want to prove Riley right, after all.”

“Good point. She’s insufferable when she’s right,” AJ said with an exaggerated eye roll. “Trust me, I’ve been there too many times to count over the years.”

Artemis laughed and said, “Then we’d better get back to it.”

They started walking again. After a moment of deliberation, AJ reached over and took Artemis’s hand, lacing her fingers though the other woman’s. She was rewarded with another big smile spreading across Artemis’s face. AJ watched her for a moment, wondering if it was possible to memorize the pattern of freckles across Artemis’s nose and feeling like everything was falling into place. It hadn’t gone exactly as she had planned, and she would, much later, mourn the loss of her perfect plan, but it had all worked out. Artemis wanted to go out with her and nothing could top that feeling.


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