July 9 2016

From Riley Adams vs the 1950s

Riley glared at Sylvia. In that moment, she hated her more than anything in the world. It was her fault Riley and her friends were stuck in this backwards 1952 version of H City. It was her fault Ritsuko, Artemis, and AJ had been constantly harassed. It was her fault Riley had been relegated to coffee girl at the police station. It was her fault Logan had no idea who she was or what they meant to each other. She took step towards Sylvia, stopping inches from her face. “You know, I’ve had it with you. You can still reverse the spell with a black eye, right?”

A malicious grin spread across Sylvia’s face. “I can but I won’t. You so much as lay a finger on me and you’ll be stuck here forever which means you’ll never get your Logan back.” She laughed. “And if that’s the case then I might just go chat him up myself.”

Riley was practically shaking with rage but she forced herself calm down. She took a deep breath. “You’re lucky I need you to reverse the spell or else I’d…”

“Actually, you don’t need her.” The voice came from somewhere to Riley’s left. She thought she recognized it but couldn’t quite believe she was that lucky. She turned and immediately smiled. Apparently she was, for once, just that lucky.

“Carol!” Riley exclaimed at the sight of the blonde witch striding towards her with Katie behind her. “You’re okay? I mean, you’re you?”

Carol stopped by Riley’s side “Yeah, we both are.” She and Katie each held up a talisman. “Sorry we couldn’t find you sooner. We’ve been busy.”

“We lost all our research when the spell kicked in,” Katie explained.

Carol nodded. “We had to start over but at least we had an idea where to look.”

“Sure,” Riley said. “But what’s this about not needing this idiot?” She gestured toward Sylvia who was watching them in disbelief.

“We know how to reverse the spell. And we can do it without her.”

“Are you sure?”


“Good.” In one swift move Riley turned, swung, and hit Sylvia square in the jaw with her lethal left hook. Sylvia dropped to her knees, clutching her face in pain and Riley turned back to Carol and Katie.

“Feel better?” Carol asked.

“Oh yes,” Riley replied. “Now how fast can we reverse the spell?”

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