July 8 2016

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Riley stared at the phone, dreading the call she had to make. She hadn’t exactly left things on good terms with Nick Wells when they’d been forced to work together. In fact, she had punched him in the face, thinking she’d never see him again. Now however…now he, as a high ranking agent in the Bureau of Time and Space, was her best shot at going back in time and bringing Artemis home. And, she reasoned, talking to Nick Wells wasn’t the worst thing she’d ever had to do. She’d had to do far worse things for far stupider reasons. Artemis was worth it. AJ was worth it. She could do this.

Riley sighed and dialed the phone. After two rings, a voice answered, “Agent Wells.”

“Wells? It’s Riley Adams. From H City.”

There was a pause and then Wells replied, “Adams. I never thought I’d ever hear from you again.”

“Yeah, well, life is surprising that way. I need a favor.”

“A favor? What’s in it for me?”

Riley took a deep breath to stop herself from exploding. She’d forgotten just how quickly Nick Wells could go from zero to jackass. “What’s in it for you is you owe me, Wells. Remember that time I saved your life and your career? Without me you’d still be stuck back in Occupied France.”

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