July 7 2o16

From Riley Adams Stops Time

Riley looked at AJ, trying to find the words to help her. She didn’t know what to do. Usually AJ was the steadfast one, the one to tell Riley she could do whatever crazy thing she had to do, to tell her everything was going to be okay. Now it was Riley’s turn and she was at a loss for words. She wasn’t good at this but AJ needed her. Her best friend in the whole world needed her and she was going to find a way to help. Maybe it wasn’t words. Riley wasn’t good at words and feelings. She was good at action. So that’s was she was going to do. She was going to take action, she was going bring Artemis back, and she was, hopefully, going to find something to shoot along the way. She would really feel better if she could shoot something. 

Riley put a hand on AJ’s shoulder. “I’m going to find a way to fix this, AJ. We’re going to bring Artemis back.”

AJ looked up at her and Riley could tell she was still fighting off tears. “You really think we can?”

Riley nodded, trying to act more confident than she really was. “Of course. You know I don’t give up on the important things and Artemis is important.”


“Yeah. She’s my friend and a part of the team and even if she wasn’t, she means the world to you and that’s reason enough.”

AJ managed a smile. “Thanks, Riley.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Riley thought for a moment. “I think I’m going to have to call Nick Wells.”

“Wells? You hate that guy.”

Riley grimaced. “Yeah, but if it’ll help get your girlfriend back, I’ll put up with him.”

AJ’s expression turned to a look of shock. “Artemis isn’t my girlfriend.”

Riley grinned. “Not yet but once we get her back I have a feeling you two will finally have your moment.”

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