July 5 2016

From Riley Adams vs the 1950s

Artemis looked at AJ in amazement. “Did you just punch a bloke for me?”

“Yeah, I did.” AJ looked down at her hand. “I never realized punching someone hurts so much.”

Artemis took AJ’s hand, turning it over to examine her knuckles. “You’ve never punched anyone before?”

AJ shook her head. “No, I usually let Riley do all the punching.”

“Yeah, and now I know why,” Riley said. “Your form was terrible.”

AJ rolled her eyes. “Well, excuse me. Not all of us went to the FBI academy, you know.”

“For what it’s worth, I thought you looked pretty good,” Artemis said with a shy smile. She was still holding AJ’s hand and absently running her thumb across the back.

AJ’s face broke out into a huge smile. “I think that’s worth everything.” She watched the constellation of freckles across Artemis’s face dance as she returned the smile. AJ reached out with her free hand and took Artemis’s other hand. She pulled her close and…was interrupted by the sound of Ritsuko loudly clearing her throat.

“I hate to break this up, guys, but we’ve got company.”

The other three women all looked in the direction Ritsuko was pointing. Riley groaned. “Oh great, it’s Sheriff Dickwad again.”

AJ and Artemis quickly jumped apart as Sheriff Reiss lumbered his way towards them.

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