July 1 2016

From “Riley Adams Fights City Hall”

“Look, all I’m saying is this isn’t a situation you can punch your way out of,” AJ said, then added, “You have to go in there and be charming. Or at least try to be.”

“I’m plenty charming!” Riley insisted.

AJ raised her eyebrows. “Have you met you?”

Artemis laughed which, of course, made AJ grin. Riley, however, was not as amused. She glared at AJ and grumbled, “I hate you.”

“I’m your best friend,” AJ shot back.

“I know but that doesn’t mean I can’t hate you.” Riley turned and started to walk away.

“Now what are you doing?” AJ called after her.

“Going to Ritsuko’s,” Riley shouted over her shoulder. “To figure out what I’m going to say to the city council and to drink a lot of whiskey. Not necessarily in that order.”

“Should we help her?” Artemis asked as she and AJ watched Riley make her way down the block.

“Probably,” AJ replied. “Plus we might have to stop her from doing something stupid.”

“Like what?” Aretmis asked, following AJ down the street in the direction Riley had gone.

“Like punching the whole city council.”

When AJ and Artemis caught up to her, Riley shot AJ another glare. “Did you come to mock me some more or are you actually going to be helpful?”

AJ pretended to think it over. “Eh, about 50/50 I think.,” she said with an exaggerated shrug.

Riley rolled her eyes which AJ knew meant the redhead wasn’t really mad at her. “Just wait until we get to Ritsuko’s,” Riley said. “She’ll be on my side.”

A few minutes later Ritsuko was setting a whiskey bottle on the bar and saying, “You are many things, Riley Adams but I wouldn’t put charming at the top of the list.”

Riley glared at her. “You guys are the worst friends ever.” She looked past AJ to where Artemis was taking a sip of the iced tea Ritsuko had just handed her. “What about you? What do you think, Artemis?”

Artemis set down her glass and held up her hands in a surrender gesture. “Nope. I’m staying out of this one, mate.”

Before Riley could respond, AJ jumped in. “We’re here to help you, Riley. We’ve always got your back. Your non-charming back.”

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